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Style, Sparkle and Inspire. You need to rent these elegant, quality candle holders to give your tables that remarkable pop. Many styles of exquisite candle holders to choose from at a very affordable price.

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Branch W/Three Tea Light Holders
Qty "2": $5. Each
Nautical Candleholder,
Approx 7" High,
 use led to prevent fire

Qty "1": $3 
Beaded Candle Holder Image Beaded Candle Holder Image Globe Candle Holder Image
Turquoie Candle Holder
Qty "9": $1. Each
Tuscan Candle Holder Image Sea Shell Candle Holder Image
Glass Candle Holders Image
Candle Sticks Image
Seashell Candle Holder
Qty "2": $4 Each
Acrylic Candle Holders
Qty "2": $2 Each
Glass Three Tiered Candle Holders Image
Caged Candle Holder Image
Tier Candle Holder Image White with Beads Candle Holder Image
Glass Votive Candle Holder Image Silver Candle Stick Holder Image Silver Candle Stick Holder Close-up Image Beaded Candle Holder Image
Silver Candelabra with Crystals, Flower  Bowl on Top.
1 Only $25
Etched Scallop Votive Holder Image White Votive Holder with Bling Image
Purple Beaded Candle Holder Image
Purple Votive Holder Image
Candle Stick Holder Image
Large Crystal CandleHolder
Approx. 9" tall
Qty "4" $3.00 each
3" Glass Baby Pink Votive Holder
Qty "?" $1. each
3" Glass Baby Blue Votive Holder
Qty "?" $1. each
Orchid CandleHolder
Approx. 7"h x 18"w

Qty "1 only" $5.

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