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Dessert Catering

Dessert Catering

Try Our Hot Chocolate Buffet
Each buffet can be customized. Great for Holiday parties, receptions, gala's etc.

We did one of our smaller hot chocolate bars. Real rich, decadent hot chocolate. Not the dry mix type.

This buffet we had caramels and caramel topping, raspberry flavoring, whipped cream, marshmallows,
mini peppermint patties, mini oreos, semi sweet chocolate shavings, cinnamon liqueur so you can make your favorite flavor.

Need decadent mini desserts for your wedding or special event? We can help.

Finish your catered event with our line of high quality, bite-size Gourmet Desserts for Parties. These Mini Party Desserts are the perfect complement to any meal.

Check out our assortment of desserts. We will place them on our dessert platters and dessert pedestals and set up your dessert table according to your theme. From French Macaroons to bite size cupcakes, we have an assortment of mini desserts you can choose from. Minimum order: 1 tray per dessert with a total of 4 trays. You can do 4 different desserts or any other combination of trays to get your
4 tray minimum.

Please call or email for details:

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Phone: 360-943-1420
By Appointment Only

Woman Owned and Spouse of Disabled Veteran

Our French Macarons Assortment is a famous round pastry loaded with ground almond, sugar and egg whites.

Enjoy the delicious 6 flavours like raspberry, chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, coffee and lemon.

Pieces per tray: 48
Price per piece: 1.50

Traditional Petit fours are the assorted petit four cakes featured with
  • lemon
  • strawberry
  • vanilla
  • orange
  • almond
  • chocolate flavored butter cremes, drenched in Swiss creme or rich chocolate

Suitable for the most upscale occasion.

60 pieces per tray
Price per piece: $1.50

These chocolate & vanilla Tuxedo Petit Fours Collection is a classic statement at any occasion.

Rich, royal chocolate and royal vanilla butter cremes complement a moist cake.

Each cake is cover with rich chocolate or Swiss creme coating.

60 pieces per tray
Price per piece:  $1.50

Our White Petit Fours are perfect dessert for any occasion.

These Moist vanilla white cakes are slightly larger (1.5" x 1.5") and layered with rich vanilla butter creme, Apricot Jam & White Vanilla Creme Center,
covered in Swiss creme and simply decorated with white strips.

60 Pieces Per Tray
Price per Piece:  $1.50

Chocolate Lovers Petit Fours consists of various flavors like:
  • Red velvet
  • double chocolate
  • Irish creme
  • coffee liqueur
  • caramel
  • cookies 'n' creme
  • royal chocolate
  • and royal vanilla flavors
Each Chocolate Petit Four offers a taste sensation for any occasion. 

60 Pieces per Tray
Price per Piece:  $1.50

An Italian (Sicilian) tube shaped shell of fried pastry filled with a sweet, creamy ricotta filling,
hint of orange zest and topped with a chocolate drizzle. No nuts.  Approximately 1 oz size

28 Pieces per Tray
Price per Piece:  $1.75

The Chocolate Mousse Cup Assortment comprises of Four various shaped chocolate cups filled with:
  • white chocolate
  • dark chocolate
  • raspberry
  • offee mousses

Each with a decorative design on top. Gluten Free. 

Pieces per Tray:  70
Price per Piece:  $2.00

Miniature cupcake assortment includes six of our most popular flavors.
  • Three fruit flavors: raspberry, lemon and mango.
  • Three chocolate flavors: Milk, Dark and White. 

45 Pieces per Tray
Price per Piece:  $1.50

Delicious Chocolate Truffles Assortment in various Flavors which include:
  • Salted Caramel
  • Bavarian Creme
  • Raspberry
  • Mocha
  • Champagne
35 Pieces Per Tray
Price Per Piece:  $1.50

An assortment of miniature baklava comprised of:
  • honey walnut triangles
  • double chocolate triangles
  • mini pecan blossoms
  • and chocolate almond rolls

Enjoy these frozen assorted Baklava's in combination with your choice appetizers for any party & make your guests want more.

50 Pieces per Tray
Price per Piece: $1.50

Cake Pop Assortment consists of variety of moist cake balls enrobed in a variety of chocolates and decorations.

Cake pop assortment flavors include:chocolate fudge, carrot, chocolate coffee and lemon.

45 Pieces per Tray
Price per Piece:  $1.85

A selection of seven of popular miniature desserts including:

5 pcs ea of

Lemon Bars
Mini Eclair
Mini Cannoli
11-12 pcs ea of Cream Puffs, Pecan Squares and Cheesecake Domes.

55 Pieces per Tray
Price per Piece:  $1.50

Not included int the 4 tray minimum

Nanaimo Bars

A dessert consisting of a crust of chocolate and cookie crumbs,
covered with vanilla buttercream filling and a chocolate glaze.

Minimum 30 each
Price per Piece: $1.50

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