Hey all you dogs out there, "What a pawfect wedding day it would be with you attending.  I've been to a lot of weddings and events but I've never seen so much smiling from people until they saw me.   Not to brag, buttt, just look at me in my tie.   
So, when it comes to weddings, ya parents need to make sure you can behave.  
Parents, you should never expect us to walk down the aisle by ourself as everyone will be wanting to pet or take pictures of us and there is too much temptation.   If we don't walk with one of you, you should have a handler (we get along with) with us.   We can do more than carry a ring, or just walk down the aisle, we can make some awesome photos with you.  And just think how fast the tail will be wagging at our first dance together.   After all, we loved you first,  You also need to make sure your pup has a good temperament and isn't aggressive.  Not all dogs can do this.  You also don't one that steals food or jumps up to eye level with the food.  You might have to just pick a smaller part of the event to let us attend and then have a fabulous place for us to rest.
And, VERY IMPORTANT, check with the venue  a head of time that they will allow us.  Don't embarrass us by figuring you would just bring us and expect they will let you continue.  No one wants to be escorted off the scene and taken home before your event even gets started.
And don't forget to asign someone to clean up after us in case we have an excited accident.
AND, MOST IMPORTANT, don't forget the TREATS.  If we get too distracted a treat will usually get us focused again.   
With all this being said, wishing you all a "Happily fur-ever after."

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