1. Hey all you dogs out there, "What a pawfect wedding day it would be with you attending.  I've been to a lot of weddings and events but I've never seen so much smiling from people until they saw me.   Not to brag, buttt, just look at me in my tie.   
    So, when it comes to weddings, ya parents need to make sure you can behave.  
    Parents, you should never expect us to walk down the aisle by ourself as everyone will be wanting to pet or take pictures of us and there is too much temptation.   If we don't walk with one of you, you should have a handler (we get along with) with us.   We can do more than carry a ring, or just walk down the aisle, we can make some awesome photos with you.  And just think how fast the tail will be wagging at our first dance together.   After all, we loved you first,  You also need to make sure your pup has a good temperament and isn't aggressive.  Not all dogs can do this.  You also don't one that steals food or jumps up to eye level with the food.  You might have to just pick a smaller part of the event to let us attend and then have a fabulous place for us to rest.
    And, VERY IMPORTANT, check with the venue  a head of time that they will allow us.  Don't embarrass us by figuring you would just bring us and expect they will let you continue.  No one wants to be escorted off the scene and taken home before your event even gets started.
    And don't forget to asign someone to clean up after us in case we have an excited accident.
    AND, MOST IMPORTANT, don't forget the TREATS.  If we get too distracted a treat will usually get us focused again.   
    With all this being said, wishing you all a "Happily fur-ever after."

  2. Lots of people like our chair sashes, but I personally like chair bands better.  One of my favorites is the gold sequin chair band. (Not necessaily because I am a golden retriever) It gives that sophisticated sparkle that gives your event that pop of sparkle setting your event to a higher level.   The girls tell me I'm pretty handsome with one. (wonder if it would fit around my waist).      We have satin sashes and organza sashes in a large assortment of colors and a nice assortment of the sequin bands.  Check them out on our chair sash page.   

  3. Say hello to Barney.  He is a 10 year old golden retreiver that has probably been to more events and weddings then most dogs.  Barney goes to all the events we do and would like to comment on his thoughts and opinions of the event or weddings. He thoroughly enjoys watching everything going on and shows his humorous personality with his comments.
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  4. The tradition of the groom's cake began in Britain. The groom's cake was often richer than the bride's, since stronger flavors such as chocolate, fruitcake, and alcohol were considered more appropriate to "the stronger sex." Groom's cakes during the Victorian era were heavy, dense fruitcakes. A characteristic recipe for the groom's fruit cake was published in “The British Baker" in 1897. Eventually, flour cakes, either white or chocolate, supplanted fruit cakes as the most popular choice.

    Groom’s cake is a tradition most popular in the southeastern United States. It was brought over from Britain by colonists. The Southern groom's cake was traditionally a dark-liquor soaked fruitcake, especially in Virginia. The white-iced bride's cake was considered too light for masculinity Chocolate groom's cakes became popular in the late 19th century, and can be any flavor, such as carrot cake, red velvet cake, etc."

    Groom's cakes are usually served at the wedding reception as a second flavor choice to the guests, but are often served at the rehearsal dinner in some regions. Groom's Cakes are often decorated to reflect the groom's hobbies, such as golfing, fishing, or hunting. The movie Steel Magnolias features a famous scene with a red velvet groom's cake shaped as a giant armadillo.

    Another tradition was to cut a piece of the cake and put it in a small box, then present the box to an unmarried woman attending the wedding. The woman was not expected to eat the cake, but rather to put it under her pillow. Superstition held that this tradition would help an unmarried woman find a husband.
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    wedding cake is the traditional cake served at wedding receptions following dinner. In some parts of England, the wedding cake is served at a wedding breakfast, note that 'wedding breakfast' does not mean the meal will be held in the morning but at a time following the ceremony on the same day. In modern Western culture, the cake is usually on display and served to guests at the reception. Traditionally, wedding cakes were made to bring good luck to all guests and the couple. Modernly however, they are more of a centerpiece to the wedding and are not always even served to the guests. Some cakes are built with only a single edible tier for the bride and groom to share, but this is rare since the cost difference between fake and real tiers is minimal. Artical from Wikipedia