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FAQ’s and Definition of EPIC Terms

Epic Event Decor Wedding with Pipe and Drape What is Pipe and Drape?

The term Pipe and Drape refers to the pipe used to provide the structure for the fabric, or drapery, used to section off your event. The fabric itself can be one color or many, shiny or sheer, lighted, have crystal elements, layered and on and on. Imagination is its only limitation
Epic Event Decor Sweetheart Table for Wedding

What is Skirting?

The term Skirting refers to the fabric surrounding a table’s edge. Once the tablecloth has been placed there is often a skirting put around the edge of special tables i.e. the cake table and the head table at a wedding. Skirting can be lit, a special fabric, draped dramatically, have accent pins, etc.

Epic Event Decor Silver with Crystals Dessert Pedestal

What are Cake Pedestals?

Cake Pedestals are decorative cake holders that are have an elevated base to lift the cake off the table to lend drama and to spotlight the cake even more. Epic Event Décor has many different designs to choose from for your special occasion.

Epic Event Decor Navy Blue Table Overlay

What’s an Overlay?

Now don’t get ahead of yourself, it’s not a Honeymoon term! It’s a decorative cloth that goes over the more functionxzal table cloth.

Epic Event Decor LED candles

Candles and Lighting

We only use battery operated and we have a large variety of lovely non-flame, LED candles. Our other lighted options, i.e. lighted curtains, chandeliers, spotlights, etc., are also LED and a wonderful addition to any event.

Epic Event Decor Table Setting with Chair Covers and Sashes for Wedding

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